Frequency control

The club only permits the use of the legally assigned frequencies in the UK for radio-controlled models, which are:

  • 2.4 GHz – the latest technology & emerging ‘standard’
  • 35MHz – channels 55 to 90 exclusively for Model Aircraft
  • 27 MHz – 10 colours, also used by CB radios and R/C cars

Users of 2.4 GHz equipment are in theory not subject to interference however all members using this frequency must ensure that their equipment is functioning correctly with a range check at the beginning of a day’s flying. All 2.4 GHz transmitters should have a black pennant attached to the carrying handle to identify the frequency being used

For users of 35MHz equipment:

  • Even numbered frequencies for Gliders,
  • Odd numbered frequencies for powered flight
  • 80+ for helicopters only

When flying with 35Mhz equipment it is vital to conduct a range check before flying and to use the club’s peg-board system to ensure there is no interference from two members operating on the same channel

Flying on adjacent channels at the same time such as 80 & 81 for example is not permitted. Members on 35MHz are strongly advised to also invest in and use their own frequency checker to make sure there is nobody else on the same channel. All 35 MHz transmitters should display an orange frequency pennant with the number of the channel being used on the transmitter’s aerial. In addition members must place an orange disc with the channel number clearly marked on the pegboard.

Note: Low channel numbers on 35 MHz can interfere with frequencies that are 23 channels higher e.g. 60 & 83. Therefore any member using any of these frequencies is required to display the appropriate DUAL PENNANT

For users of 27MHz equipment – the club wishes to discourage the use of this equipment at all times due to the potential problems of uncontrolled & unknown interference. Any member flying a model on this equipment can do so if he/she checks, as far as reasonably possible that there is no interference. All 27 MHz transmitters should carry the correct coloured pennant on the aerial.

Note: Failure to observe the disciplines set out above may result in members not being allowed to fly.

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