Welcome to the online home of Oldham Model Aero Club (OMAC): we have a long and rich history dating back to just after WW2 and we are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association ‘the BMFA’ which has over 30,000 members in the UK.

We are able to fly safely and enjoyably within the latest UK regulations for unmanned aircraft. We are known as a really friendly club and our members fly at our two sites in the Oldham area on a regular basis. We welcome flyers from all disciplines and all levels of experience; we are keen to also help people to learn to build & fly model aircraft and we have an extensive fleet of six trainers that can be used for that and we have plenty of club instructors who are very happy to help new members to fly.

Our members fly anything from small electrically powered foam models right the way up to large models with internal combustion engines. We also have a lot of members who fly various sizes of Helicopters too. Members are able to fly models up to 25Kg in weight at take-off

If you are new to the hobby, or interested in joining our club, please contact us us. With plenty of different models available on line and in model shops, it’s easy to become confused about what model is the best for you and what other equipment you may need. We can advise you on the best models for entry level flyers and we will help to ensure you become a safe and competent flyer. We will gladly and freely offer you the best advice and tuition to enable you to enjoy the hobby as much as we do.

Joining any model flying club is not just about the flying and/or talking to other like-minded people - it has other benefits too. Aside from learning to fly safely and competently, we ensure that all of our members are enrolled within the BMFA and are covered by their excellent insurance policy.

There has been some negative reports in the media due to the misuse of multi-rotors so our club is actively working towards positively raising the image of flying models within the local community. As such, our club was awarded the 2016 Roger Bedford Memorial Trophy by the BMFA for our work with the local 2200 Oldham Squadron Air Training Corps.

Our club flying fields are open all year-round during daylight hours. You will also be able to have access to our fleet of six fixed wing trainer and advanced models and can be assisted by any one of our club instructors. Should you also be interested in FPV flying, our members will gladly advise you on the best setup for your model, and they will also advise and assist you in getting to grips flying FPV and the relevant regulations to ensure that you remain a safe and legal flyer.

There is no joining fee and our membership costs are very competitive, especially considering the facilities on offer. For junior members (under 18) there are no annual club fees just the costs of joining the BMFA/CAA.

If you are interested please get in touch and we can offer you some free experience flights with an instructor to get an idea of what we do and how enthralling it is.

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